POʻE - Prevention, Outreach & Engagement

*poʻe - "Hawaiian" n. people, persons, personnel, population, assemblage, group of, company of.

Kumukahi Health + Wellness offers many programs and services that can assist you in staying safe & reducing harm to yourself and others when it comes to HIV, HEP C, and other STI's!  

The first step is awareness. When you decide to take that first step to protecting yourself and others, awareness of your risks and having accurate knowledge is the key.

The second step is to take action. Whether you are deciding to use a condom, get tested, or even abstain from a high-risk situation, taking action and making important decisions for the benefit of your health and the health of others is very important.

The third step is to follow through and follow up. If you decide to continue the same activities, make it a habit to get routine testing. If an STI test comes back positive, get treated and test again to be sure you cleared it. Everyone's situation is different but regardless of your situation, following up and following through is the most important part of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.  

Risks to Consider

Who are your sexual partners?

What are your sexual activities?

Do you use drugs?

Do you use injection drugs?

Are you sharing needles?

Servicesto Check Out

Education and demonstrations

Free Condoms

Free HIV, Hep C, and STI Testing

Referrals for other STI's

Treatment for Hep C & other STI's

Linkage to HIV Care

Linkage to PrEP & PEP

Syringe Exchange