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Learning that you have HIV is a life-changing moment.
Most people experience a mix of emotions including pain, confusion, fear, anger and loneliness. You do not have to face this disease alone. At Kumukahi, we are here to help people living with HIV/AIDS get connected to services that can help optimize the outcomes of living with the disease.


Meet with a Skilled, Caring Case Management team.
Your first step to receiving services from us is to meet with a management team. They will discuss your individual needs and verify your eligibility for our services. Please bring proof of income, address and insurance, as well as business cards (2) from your medical providers, and a list of current medications to your first meeting.


Be prepared to answer the following questions:
Do you currently have an HIV case manager?
Do you live in Hawai`i County?
Where do you receive your medical care?
Do you have a doctor that can verify your HIV status?
What needs do you have?


Since one of our primary goals is to educate and empower clients, your management team will also assess your ability to advocate for yourself, complete forms and complete follow-up steps on your own.

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