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Kumukahi Health + Wellness provides a safe space for all underserved communities on Hawai'i Island, especially people affected and living with HIV and similar health disparities. Rooted in the principles of harm reduction,

Kumukahi Health + Wellness is dedicated to:

Recognizing and addressing the social determinants that impact a person’s health;

Enhancing the quality of life for all of our participants, including equal access to health care;

Establishing ourselves as a Center of Excellence for accessible, client-centered, and culturally specific support and care in Hawai'i and the Pacific. 

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Kumukahi Health + Wellness has been serving our community in a variety of capacities since 1985.  The organization was known as Hawaii Island HIV/AIDS Foundation since 2003, and decided to embark on a name change in 2021 to reflect the growth and changes in our organization.  We have grown from a support group of a few staff and volunteers providing simple support, to an agency that saves lives and helps to educate our community and provide life saving services for some of our island’s most vulnerable people.


The name Kumukahi was chosen because it uniquely identifies us as being from the Big Island.  This is where the first rays of the sun enter the Hawaiian universe.  Kumukahi can mean ‘one foundation’.  Kumukahi Health + Wellness was chosen to emphasize the holistic nature of our services, and serves as a safe place for Hawaii’s most vulnerable populations living in most rural and remote areas of our state.”

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