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$18.00 - $22.00 per hour


Monday to Friday

Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Paid time off
401(k) matching
Life insurance
Disability insurance
Mileage reimbursement
Free parking

Kumukahi Health + Wellness (KH+W) is seeking to hire a full-time HIV Medical Case Manager in the East Hawai'i area to join our dynamic team of health advocates. This position is responsible for providing comprehensive client based medical case management to all registered clients. Focus on four main areas of care; to provide access to an HIV specialty doctor, continued access to HIV medication, use of housing subsidy rental assistance, and food pantry. This position maintains a cohesive and productive relationship established from a client-centered perspective.

Coordinates, monitors and ensures that appropriate and timely acute care services are provided to clients across the continuum of care. Assists in coordinating services with federal and state programs, and other community services to the client. Promotes effective healthcare utilization, monitors health care resources and assumes a leadership role within the Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) to achieve optimal clinical and resource outcomes. Works with the Care Team, Medical Director and Clinic Team to assess, plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate services and outcomes to maximize the health of the Client. Receives and reviews authorizations for services from providers and clients via phone, fax or written request.

  • Conducts face-to-face Health and Functional Assessments (HFA) for all clients.

  • Conducts a functional level of care assessment during initial intake and follow-up appointments

  • Develops a Care Plan for each client, in conjunction with the Medical Director and client, based upon the HFA

  • Interacts with client, family, physician(s), and other providers utilizing clinical knowledge and expertise to determine medical history and current status and to assess the options for care including use of benefits and community resources to update the Care Plan

  • Coordinates community resources with emphasis on the development of natural support system and coordinates benefits, regulations, laws and public entitlement programs

  • Maintains HIPAA standards and confidentiality of protected health information; and reports critical incidents and information regarding quality of care issues

  • Utilizes compiled data received from client electronic record to assure that the services being provided meet the client’s needs

  • Facilitates client and provider authorization and access to services

  • Seeks to resolve any concerns about care delivery or providers

  • Monitors client self-direction delivery process

  • Acts as liaison and client advocate between the client/family, physician and facilities/agencies

  • Provide comprehensive health assessment of client as baseline data

  • Develop comprehensive written service/care plan in accordance with the Ryan White Care Act and recertify every 6 months

  • Help client maintain HIV medication adherence and address barriers for compliance

  • Assess and refer a client to Housing Subsidy Program or Section 8 for rental subsidy housing assistance

  • Receive, review, qualify and process RW financial assistance requests monthly as needed to ensure stable care

  • Meet with client on a regular basis to establish a relationship to nurture and support client through all aspects of healthcare

  • Assist with health insurance acquisition and maintenance of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance plans

  • Offer food pantry with each office visit

  • Maintain confidential written and electronic records for each client, and document all service deliveries into the E2 Client database using SOAP notes

  • Participate in monthly acuity assessments

  • Assist with applications to H-Programs, recertify client every 6 months

  • Attend in-person or by telephone all required staff meetings

  • Participate in HIV training on-island and off-island

  • Bachelor’s Degree in health-related field preferred

  • Candidate Experience: Required 2+ years of experience in relevant healthcare with client care coordination case management and/or social work

  • Strong ability to work with clients from diverse ethnic backgrounds

  • Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing being culturally competent

  • Knowledge of HIV/AIDS, STI’s and healthy sexual behaviors to effectively and comfortably discuss those topics with individuals

  • Strong attention to detail involving forms & paperwork

  • Ability to set and maintain appropriate boundaries

  • Versed in Motivational interviewing techniques

  • Ability to follow up on multi-level assignments with accuracy and efficiency

  • Valid Hawai`i Driver’s License and reliable transportation required

  • Proficient computer skills

  • Provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination upon hire

​Kumukahi Health + Wellness is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Submit resume and cover letter via email or USPS to:

Cindy Medeiros

Director of Operations

101 Aupuni Street, PH 1014C

Hilo, HI 96720


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